Python tutorials

Python tutorials

Features of Python Programming

Features of Python

In the world of Python, one may encounter the term “libraries”, that consists of “modular components” of code that can be imported into your Python code. In common words, a library is a piece of reusable code. You can find a python library for FTP, cryptography, wrappers for APIs, database modeling, and any other thing really. Libraries in python are used with the use of keyword “import”.

There a lot of libraries out there for a lot of stuff for example:

  • import time
    • provides various time-related functions
  • import os, sys
    • OS interfaces, and system-specific parameters and functions
  • import httplib
    • HTTP protocol client

And many more.

Python is easy to use which enables rapid prototyping

Python is a general purpose and a high-level programming language. It provides the ‘write once, run anywhere’ ability that enables us to run it on any OS with python installed. Python has inbuilt constructs with the feature of executing clear code on a decent scale ( be it small or production level ). And to put the cherry on the top, python is an object-oriented programming language.

Power of Python

We see that Python offers us a lot of stuff. But is it Real? Can python be that powerful?



Let see a program. I am a huge Counter-Strike Fan. Currently, CSGO Major Katowice 2019 is going on and I want to watch all the matches. but I am lazy and also a little absent-minded. I needed a friend to remind me to watch the stream at the right time. So, I made a program to just that stuff I just 14 lines of Python



And it works, It even opens website for me 🙂 ..

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