java tutorial

java tutorial

Java Features

Java Features

JAVA is amongst the widely used programming Languages. Following are the features of which completely define the worth of its usage:

• Object-Oriented Language: JAVA works on Class and object. Java can be effectively extended out since it depends on the Object model.

• Platform Independent: Unlike other computer languages, JAVA works on JVM which makes the compiled code into platform-independent bytecode.

• Simple and Secure: As JAVA is based on OOPs, so it is easier to understand it and is totally secure because of its virus- free system building nature.

• Robust: Java attempts to take out mistake inclined circumstances by concentrating predominantly on compilation errors and runtime errors.

• Multithreaded: This feature of JAVA provide multitasking simultaneously. It is very helpful in running interactive applications evenly.

• High Performance: In-built compilers of the JAVA make its performance highly recommendable.

JAVA Compiler

A Java compiler is a compiler for the programming dialect Java. The most well-known type of yield from a Java compiler is Java class records containing stage unbiased Java bytecode, however, there are likewise compilers that gives enhanced local machine code for a specific equipment/OS combination.


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